Danilo Nascimento Guerra

The #PoDojo workshop is a great way of experiencing Scrum/Agile framework style and get a lot done in a planned and structured way.

Katharine Jarmul

Packed three days aimed at generating, testing, designing and implementing product ideas. Highly recommend for those new or seasoned as a way to shake up your routine and start collaborative learning around product at your company! 🙂

Thilo Schmidt

From the first minute on, this well organized workshop takes you on a journey of product learnings that last longer than three days 🙂

Teona Burdiladze

Intensity of the training was super high and even thou, when I went home, I wanted to experiment on things and being tired did not even matter. Knowledge that directly motivates you to do more and take an action, is the best kind of knowledge that one can get. Thank you for this !

Sophia Krause

After three years of several recommendations, I finally had the chance to attend a Product Dojo myself. It is amazing what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. The tight and timeboxed schedule, helped us concentrate and focus on core issues. Nevertheless, the time pressure caused a spark in creativity and resulted… Read more »

Tejeswini Kashyappan

My biggest win from PoDojo was understanding how to come up with ideas that could be tailored to my products and work in my genius zone. PoDojo has made my approach towards Product Management fun! With them I truly feel that sky it the limit when it comes to the tools and techniques I have… Read more »

Mohamed Dicor Kalawa

Catherine, Stefan & Jens are excellent trainers with in depth theoretical and practical experiences about generating and shape ideas that feeds into products. I highly recommend the Product Dojo training to organizations, big or small, Product enthusiasts, and managers.

Jonathan Soifer

The list is big. I’m impressed. I learned new tools, I got a better / deeper understanding about tools I already knew and I also got a much clearer vision about how different processes relate to each other.

Jan Wiesmann

It’s an intensive training for experienced product owners. I don’t know any other event which covers similar topics in a three day course.

Hendrik Jager

Hands on experience from day one on. Highly recommended for new as well as for experienced agile professionals.