Damien Yvray

Stefan can create an open and creative environment, perfect to enhance creativity and constructive discussions. Working with him was a huge jump in my skills and way of seeing production. Thanks!

Bastian Gerhard

Based in Berlin, Stefan is one of the world’s best innovation coaches out there, and my go-to-person for agile leadership, customer centricity and product development — not only for the tools and methodologies, but especially for the mindset.  

Boris Frank

After a series of rapid changes in our product development department in 2015 we have been facing a mismatch of outcome with stakeholder expectations within the development and product team behind the Bringmeister delivery service platform. With their empathy-based and solution-focused participative approach, Stefan Haas and Jens Otto Lange helped us navigate the complexity of… Read more »

Alexander Ubl

#PoDojo guided my team from Streametric and me in finding the actual problems of our customers. Our workshops helped the team to be more confident in testing and learning from failures, making it possible to build prototypes faster and increase their insights.

Ellie Amirnasr

Coming from different background and culture we started our start up journey togther with #PoDojo. We formed a great team shortly after our bootcamp started with help of our mentor Stefan Haas. The methodology and the tools he used brought everyone up to speed very quickly. It was interesting to see how fast you can… Read more »

Yvonne Balzer

#PoDojo enabled our energy and creativity and moving us to incredible ideas.

Jahangir Kohestani

Thank you for the new way of thinking! Go #PoDojo!

Christian Ahrens

Thanks for two precious days of input, creativity & inspiration!

Alexander Hochgürtel

What a great two day session! Received many new insights on how to adapt agile to my daily work! Thanks to the great trainers with lots of experience!

Philipp Katz

The guys make a great job bringing the practical component to the lean startup theory! Thank you!