We are still blown away by the passion, creativity and fun we saw emerging during the second Product Dojo at Zurich. We love creating a space for product people to have fun exploring and learning doing the new. This can only happen in an environment of trust and we would like to thank you all for bringing that to the Product Dojo, trusting us and each other when navigating the uncertain, ambiguous and complex space of novelty.

Here’s what the people said at our final Ahaa PostUp:

“Brain workout – exercise your creative part of your brain it will get easier”

“Trust the tools – and then adapt them to your context”

“Get out of the building”

“Creating and presenting products in just a few hours”

“Interviews and listening are hard and need practice”

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our next #PoDojo Studios or as a coach at the next Product Dojo at g27.


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