Sustainable Product: Triggering Behaviour Change

Please welcome Ulrich Sommer (, Henrik Kniberg ( and Michal Subel ( who are presenting at our next session on Sustainable Product.

18:45 Check-in
19:00 Ulrich Sommer: Climate Crisis
19:45 Henrik Kniberg: How to Help People Reduce their Carbon Footprint
20:30 Michal Subel: Exploring the Product Development Challenges of Enabling Consumers of an Online Fashion Platform to Behave More Sustainably
21:00 Q&A
21:30 Closing

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Ulrich Sommer

Ulrich from Extinction Rebellion will give a brief introduction to the current climate crisis, focussing on the scientific consensus on climate change and the the data currently available for extrapolation until 2100. Ulrich worked as a biologist in pest control research and currently works as Product Manager for a Systems Management company.

Henrik Kniberg

Henrik will share in a session via Zoom about his efforts to reduce global warming. He’s building up a community and trying to learn as much as possible about how to effectively reduce global warming. He co-founded a service called that helps people reduce your their carbon footprint by calculating and compensating their CO2 emissions via a UN certified climate offset projects. Henrik spent the past 12+ years coaching and mentoring organizations based on Agile and Lean principles. He’s currently coaching and Minecraft development at Mojang, previously worked with Spotify & LEGO. He is also known for creating popular books and videos, such as the: Spotify Engineering Culture (typically referred to as the “Spotify Model”).

Michal Subel

The online retail domain is more than familiar to many product managers by now and solving problems of discovery, inspiration, or conversion seems like common knowledge. But what do you do when the strategic vision is to become a sustainable fashion platform with a net-positive impact for people and the planet? How do you shape the digital experience when you know that you can only reach that vision together with your customers?

My recent journey at Zalando revealed several challenges that product development organizations can encounter when sustainability needs to become an integral part of the digital experience. Team set-up, success metrics, prioritization, enabling change at scale… None of this is obvious and the usual sources offer little relevant knowledge. In this talk, I will share the approach we are taking to overcome these new challenges, present some of the lessons we have already learned and explore those that are still in front of us.

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