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Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus many of us are now working from home and facing all the issues with virtual collaboration in product teams. Tools and processes do not fit and team members feel disconnected, misaligned and worried. This creates stress because this dynamic situation requires even more collaboration and personal communication in the product teams.

Benefit from our experience

We know from our own experience that remote work can actually work very well, sometimes even better than face-to-face, but there are some points that need to be considered. Distributed work is particularly difficult when it is emotional and requires creative collaboration, complex decision-making and alignment.

Ask us anything

We have a lot of practical experience from our own work as #PoDojo coaches in distributed product teams, which we would like to share and expand with you. Driven by the pursuit of a lower carbon footprint, we have remote work in product as a goal high on our agenda and wish that we can also make progress with this in our community after COVID19.

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