Innovation Ecosystem and Business Model Design for a Sustainable Future

In this session we’ll have a talk about how to create an innovation ecosystem at an NGO and a short workshop re-designing a business model to improve sustainability.

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The meetup is a cooperation with Ecosia GmbH and will take place at their office at Schinkestraße 9, 12047 Berlin.

Talk: Innovation Ecosystem Design in the Non-Profit Sector
by Björn Lefers, Kiron

In the past 50-60 years the african continent has received around 2 trillion dollars in development aid, but there is no scientific evidence that it had any positive impact; some renowned scientists even argue that the impact is negative. Why is that? And how can we change it?

Björn Lefers argues that we need to help people develop the competencies needed for agile and lean ways of working together and collectively tackle the systemic conditions within the non-profit sector that often impede innovation and impact.

In this talk Björn shares his lessons learned from facilitating change at Kiron, a non-profit organization that provides refugees with digital learning opportunities for academic, professional and personal growth. He wants to inspire other organizations to increase their impact.

Björn Lefers ( is an innovation expert working at the intersection of sustainability and education; education to better prepare people for a rapidly changing world and sustainability to make sure that world still exists when they’re finished.

Workshop: How to Re-Design a Business Model to become more Sustainable

Our changing climate disrupts ecosystems in a variety of ways. Due to human activity the global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come. Thus sustainability is a must have for business model design. A sustainable business model helps companies not only to innovate and execute within planetary boundaries but increases employee motivation and improves employer branding. In addition customers will expect sustainability and regulations will enforce it.

In our workshop we provide the tools and a process to empower and inspire any employee to act on sustainability issues within their business. Instead of being overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue you will leave our session with an attitude that you can do something about sustainability!

We’ll use the Sustainable Business Model Canvas and Strategyzer Business Model Evolution process for a fast paced hands-on exercise on a real world problem. You’ll work in small teams, hands-on and experience the process followed by a debrief and Q&A.

Charlotte Apperloo ( is a passionate product manager at Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. She started her career in marketing, but realized her problem solving skills are put to good use in product. She gained experience in big corporates, however, she changed course and decided to put her energy toward a bigger cause. As a beginning climate activist she believes in the power of the people. Her goal is to inspire others to build more sustainable products that contribute to a better future.

Stefan Haas ( is co-founder and CEO of #PoDojo where we help people create sustainable products customers love. Stefan is passionate about teaching and coaching product people in lean and agile methods to solve real problems of customers. As CEO of the growing network of partners his main objective is to transform the company into a sustainable business. As coach he helps his clients to tackle complex product strategy questions, design an agile organisation, nurture an innovation culture, and establish an entrepreneurial leadership style that enables independent autonomous product and innovation teams to strive.

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