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“Being a Product Manager is like riding a bike except the bike is on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell.”

Replace “Product Manager” with your role in product development. And if you can identify with that, then this event is for you.

Crazy Busy Product People: Hacks for better Time & Stress Management

In Product Development, we’re busy the whole day, trying to unblock everybody, keeping stakeholders up to date, negotiate with different people inside and outside the team, improve the development process, etc. etc. etc. We have only little time for deep work, and our stress level is extremely high. If we don’t learn how to manage stressful situations, how to make ourselves time, and how to organise ourselves to not get into those situations, it’s our physical and mental health that suffers from this. Sustainable product development includes healthy product people.

In this Meetup of the #PoDojo Studio Zurich, we will look at how stress affects our productivity and our body, and how some simple exercises can help us get control over the situation. Understanding the connections help breaking them.
After this we want to exchange hacks, tricks and tips on better time, pressure and stress management in a work context.

18:00 – doors open
18:15 – Büsra Coskuner: Intro & real life story about escaping her almost-burn-out moment with better time management
18:30 – Elodie Caucigh: How stress affects us and how we can control it
19:00 – Moderated exchange on hacks to handle typical situations in product development
20:00ish – Apéro & networking

Who is this event for?
This event is for all the Product Managers and Leads, UX or Product Designers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Tech Leads, and everyone else working with cross functional teams & a variety of stakeholders to build a product, and wants to get input on how to manage the typical situations in their lives that put them on fire. And of course for everybody who is just interested in the topic.

About the speakers

Büşra Coşkuner
Büşra Coşkuner is Senior Product Manager at Doodle, leading the product efforts of Doodle‘s 1:1 scheduling tool. She studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Berlin, and has felt right at home co-existing in the worlds of technology and business ever since. She has been focused on the product side of companies and branches of all different sizes and disciplines including: startups, scale-ups, corporates, telecommunication, e-commerce, SaaS, B2C, B2B and B2B2C…granting her with a variety of experiences and insights throughout her career and leadership.

Elodie Caucigh
Corporate Wellbeing Officer & Founder of REAL EASE, Elodie left her career in advertising to educate companies and demonstrate why investing in Corporate Wellbeing is key to reaching business goals while reducing turnover, stress and health-related costs. Having witnessed and overcome acute phases of stress, she knows how crucial it is for professionals to develop wellbeing and stress management skills if they want to perform and succeed at work. Her vision is to make these skills accessible to every employee worldwide, directly at their desk, when and where they need it most. Together with Nurish Mind, she co-leads the multidisciplinary corporate wellbeing program Work Health Balance and the first Lean In circle dedicated to occupational health in Switzerland.

R.S.V.P at the Meetup page


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