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On May 25th, 2020 the world witnessed a viral video of the brutal murder by police of George Floyd. Protesting all over the world ensued (including all 50 states in the US) as we learned what (not so new) normalized racism REALLY looks like.  Again, and all under the backdrop of Covid-19. Photo by Lorie… Read more »

Act, Sense, Respond: Innovate 💡

We’re amazed about some companies and people responding in creative ways to the current situation and pivoting their business models. This week we had a call with Charles Vaillant, CTO/CDO of Mann + Hummel about their efforts to conquer COVID-19. In the last years we have helped their teams to innovate air and water filtration… Read more »

How to Run OKR sessions Remotely

We ran a session last entitled “How to Run OKR sessions Remotely” due to the fact that many people found themselves suddenly working from home at the time when Q1 is ending and Q2 is beginning, which is also a time where Q1 OKRs are being wrapped up and Q2 OKRs are being drafted, and… Read more »

Distress Tolerance, part 3: Emotional Tools

This is Part 3 of a series on Distress Tolerance. Part 1| Part 2 We can think of the emotional body as sitting between the physical body and the mental body. The limbic system, which is the emotional body’s command center in the brain, is nested above the brain stem (main command center for the… Read more »

Distress Tolerance, part 2: Thought Tools

This is Part 2 of a series on Distress Tolerance. Part 1| Part  3 The following tools are variations of cognitive therapy and other thought-work exercises. These are useful when you want to feel better by way of noticing and amending the scripts, contents, sequences, stories and wordings of the mind. Why this works: the… Read more »

Büşra Coşkuner about “Tools for the Distributed Workplace”

#PoDojo Partner Büsra Coskuner shares her digital toolbox that helped her master the distributed workplace as a product manager at Doodle. Distributed work in product means more than just meeting online via video calls, it’s about creating together, making sense and decisions, inspecting and adapting processes, and nurture a culture of psychological safety and creativity…. Read more »

Distress Tolerance, part 1: Body Tools

This is Part 1 of a series on Distress Tolerance. Part 2| Part 3 Many of us are being pressed & stretched to the growing edge limits of our ability to tolerate distress right now. Feeling to help us recall and share our many inner resources for getting through challenging passages. The most basic resource… Read more »

Psychological Safety and Creativity 

Creativity is Interpersonal Risk I had a flash impulse to name this post “What’s So Funny about Peace, Love and Psychological Safety”, alluding to “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding”, the Elvis Costello song from 1978. Thinking about allusions made me consider referencing the Use Your Allusion joke from the American TV series… Read more »


#WFHDP with PMA: Working from home during a pandemic, with a positive mental attitude Spreading faster than COVID-19 is the spread of panic We’re in a situation where there’s a novel virus spreading across the globe, and we’re seeing folks operating in a complete panic mode. Our anxiety and stress increase when our perception of… Read more »

Psychological Safety and the Dangers of Being Yourself

The Hazards of Letting your Creativity Show Allowing people to see the weirdo within, the creative mind, mother of genius, is socially dangerous. Most of us listen to the wisdom of our censors and hold back large parts of ourselves – particularly our authentic feelings, our opinions, and our new, untested ideas – unless we’re… Read more »