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Co-create the future state

We are experimenting a lot with simulations and agile games at the #PoDojo. One game we have used over the last two years is a variant of the Lego 4 Scrum by Alexey Krivitsky game that creates consistently a hard leadership challenge. We have got very mixed outcomes from using the game playing around with… Read more »

How to: Link User Stories to the Value Proposition Canvas

How do you know that the items in your Product Backlog are about solving a customer’s problem? How can you involve the whole team in working on a plan for validating your assumptions about a problem your customer may have and a possible solution you could build? At the #PoDojo we have experimented with Alexander… Read more »

Back to the Roots into the Future

In their HBR article ‘The New New Product Development Game’ from 1986, Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka wrote the for first time about Scrum as a “rugby” approach for organizations to match increased market complexity with increased internal complexity. This was quite different from Henry Ford who neglected the variability of customer needs in his… Read more »

Blame On!

At the first Agile Game Lab in Berlin, which I am organizing as a regular event together with Stephan Schwab, we had chosen the historical Beer Game and the new Blame Game (1) that just emerged from the last game incubator (2) hosted by Agile Holland (3). The Blame Game is pretty simple yet powerful… Read more »

Empower the Product Owner

“Let’s empower the product owner role fully!  If the product owner is the one ultimately responsible for the results of the product in the marketplace, then they are the “source and decision-maker” for things like budget, scope, approach, market/product timing.  These were things PMs respresented before but PMs were always just “middle men.”  With agile,… Read more »