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15 Minutes Culture Mapping

Why bother about work culture? In the last Agile Game Lab hosted at King’s Berlin office this week we tried out the culture map beta version from strategyzer, for a version with trigger questions download this pdf. We believe that what an organization is capable to create is tightly coupled to the work culture within… Read more »

Learning like Karate Kid

Our Style of Training: Expect Action Learning “You know the movie about Karate Kid? Karate Kid learns a basic Karate move by putting up and hanging his jacket hundreds of times, desperately not understanding what this is for until a final physical insight helps him put the pieces together.” This quote from Udi Miron posted… Read more »

Three modes of working to design a Value Proposition

The Value Proposition Canvas is a visual tool that you can use to model concepts and ideas of how the product or service you are creating may add value to the lives of your customers. It helps to quickly create alignment within a team and with stakeholders, brainstorm, compare and explore alternative paths of thinking… Read more »

Five Common Agile Practices that Work with Startups

Jeff Patton recently wrote a blog post on limitations of common agile practices within startups. I like Jeff’s bottom line “to keep the spirit of agile but discounting the dogma” but have made experiences with agile practices that generally seem to work for a startup. I would like to question what is common in agile… Read more »

Six Factors to Succeed as a Team

Agile Game Lab at Zalando Onboarding As part of the onboarding process of Zalando Technology, we were invited by their in-house Agility Coaching Team to hold an agile game round inspired by the Agile Game Lab. Every new employee of Zalando Technology takes part in a four week period getting trainings, listening to presentations and… Read more »

Co-design your organisation

At the #dtcamp14, Jens Otto Lange and I have run a session that made use of a customised version of the Value Proposition Canvas in the context of organisational change. I want to explain quickly, how we used the custom VPC within a iterative change approach based on the Lean Change Management Cycle and share… Read more »

Product Dojo Zurich, November 2014

Zurich joins the Product Dojo The Product Dojo in November was also the first to happen in Zurich. It  took place in the Cabaret Voltaire which saw the birth of the Dada movement in the 1940s. The Product Dojo attendees found ways to challenge conventional thinking through innovative product development, for example in combing Lean… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo Fishbowl, October Berlin

We had an evening full of interesting lightning talks followed by an intensive fishbowl panel at the betahaus Berlin. Lightning talks Chaehan So, COO of Axel Springer Ideas Engineering GmbH, on: Why product owners hate product discovery. Engaging everybody in organizational change and leveraging one’s intrinsic motivational structure. There’s no one-size-fits-all for your change message,… Read more »

#PoDojo Workshop at Product Camp Berlin 2014

Does this sound and feel familiar to you? “Tomorrow again the shitty planning meeting, everyone demotivated, passive agressive and blocking my user stories.” “Ohh, I’ve expected something totally different, why are you not listening? Everyone’s so demotivated!” “We’ve spend hours talking and talking, now again with other people in the room, no one shares the… Read more »

Hairball of Mud

“Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them.” Constantin Brancusi We’ve seen many product development teams, product owners and organisations in trouble because they were blocked by what is called technical debt or legacy code to truly create value for the customer. Who… Read more »