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Act, Sense, Respond: Innovate 💡

We’re amazed about some companies and people responding in creative ways to the current situation and pivoting their business models. This week we had a call with Charles Vaillant, CTO/CDO of Mann + Hummel about their efforts to conquer COVID-19. In the last years we have helped their teams to innovate air and water filtration… Read more »

How to Run OKR sessions Remotely

We ran a session last entitled “How to Run OKR sessions Remotely” due to the fact that many people found themselves suddenly working from home at the time when Q1 is ending and Q2 is beginning, which is also a time where Q1 OKRs are being wrapped up and Q2 OKRs are being drafted, and… Read more »

2019 in the Words of the Speakers at our Meetups in Berlin and Zurich

Andreas Bartel: A Risk-Managed Approach to Dependency Management Session at Product Dojo, November 15, 2019, Berlin Managing dependencies effectively is often the key to unlocking enterprise scale agility. However, existing approaches are struggling to provide a pragmatic solution, often resorting to “big planning up-front”, large, expensive meetings, the use of copious balls of string, only… Read more »

Help me own the City

A day after a severe car crash in my neighborhood, where four people died and  that involved an SUV, I stumbled upon a billboard ad for the Seat Tarraco. The promise the ad presents is to help buyers of the SUV “own the city.” Do we have a Choice? The SUV design has been criticized… Read more »

Product Discovery to Outlearn the Fraudster

How might we become more creative in protecting people from fraud? At our product strategy workshop with the customer safety and security product team working at marketplace for classified ads, we had an idea: what if we apply product discovery methods to become more creative in dealing with fraud. In this post, I’ll describe our… Read more »

Lean Product Strategy for NGOs

In this post we will share some of our insights working for NGOs. The NGO Dilemma: Serving two Very Different Customer Segments The business model of nonprofit organizations has often two sides: the donors, who fund initiatives and the beneficiaries for who the NGO intends to create value. On the one side they need to… Read more »

Two Experiments to Scale up the Product Owner/II

In our previous post “Challenges Adapting Product Roles when Growing” about that topic we have discussed common challenges of adapting the product roles and strategies during different stages of a company with the example of mySugr. This post covers two experiments and some metrics to that we have used to address the adaptation of the… Read more »

Challenges Adapting Product Roles when Growing/I

In this post we will discuss common challenges of adapting the product roles and strategies during different stages of a company with the example of mySugr. The next post about “Two Experiments to Scale up the Product Owner” will cover experiments that we launched to deal with the challenges. Since mySugr became part of the… Read more »

Getting started with Kanban

Kanban in product development helps to organize the chaos of knowledge work and provides the basis for evolutionary continuous improvement of the flow of work for individuals, teams and larger organizational units. The purpose to use Kanban is to improve the time it takes for an item of work to flow through the system which… Read more »

Lean UX to create products customers love

It’s all about the user’s perception of the product “A work of art is made entirely by those who look at it or read it and make it survive by their acclaim or even their condemnation”. (Marcel Duchamp) People love products when they realize gains or relieve pains while making use of it. This experience… Read more »