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Büşra Coşkuner about “Tools for the Distributed Workplace”

#PoDojo Partner Büsra Coskuner shares her digital toolbox that helped her master the distributed workplace as a product manager at Doodle. Distributed work in product means more than just meeting online via video calls, it’s about creating together, making sense and decisions, inspecting and adapting processes, and nurture a culture of psychological safety and creativity…. Read more »

Complex or complicated: why the difference matters (Part 2)

In part one of this text I introduced the Stacey Matrix for Complexity and Creativity in Organizations and the Assumption-Risk-Analysis model which can help you to categorize your product state and team to make smart decisions in the right order. Key to both models is that they precede the data. You can willingly or unwillingly… Read more »

Complex or complicated: why the difference matters (Part 1)

Every once in awhile I am asked “Robert, despite all of our testing and monitoring, why is this software not performing as expected anymore? And I usually begin my answer with “It’s complicated.” Is it? In other instances I listen to suggestions to build independent software modules that solely communicate through one, well defined interface… Read more »