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How to implement Design Thinking?

“How do we implement Design Thinking in our organization?” Many corporations have to deal with this question nowadays. Often management has put Design Thinking already on its agenda. The pattern we see is the following: After a few members of the organization have experienced innovative sparks triggered by a Design Thinking workshop, very soon thereafter… Read more »

How to: Validate Your Product Idea

Lower risk, test early to learn early There’s a thrilling product vision that inspires you. But will it really work? Don’t step in the trap to fall in love with your product baby. You might want to find out what works as early as possible, to avoid the risk of building something nobody wants. So… Read more »

The Hot Seat: Sit down, collect ideas

Lean Change Management and Design Thinking In June 2015, the #PoDojo brought Jason Little to Berlin to run a training workshop with managers, change management professionals and coaches like us, based on his book “Lean Change Management”. Jason explained us how to adapt Lean Start-up thinking and Agile practices to organizational change. Here are my… Read more »